St. Augustine Comic Book Shops Celebrate 2015 Free Comic Book Day

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It's easy to lose yourself in stories about good versus evil, where a superhero rises to the occasion to conquer those trying to take over the world. For regular folk, there's a wonderful day each year that allows you to get those tales for free. On May 2nd, celebrate 2015 Free Comic Book Day at one of the comic book shops in St. Augustine to break … [Read more...]

How to Organize a Closet with your Significant Other


Living with a significant other may be uncharted territory. When you're apartment living, it often consists of working with a small space, and ff you are in one bedroom apartments in St. Augustine, chances are you have one closet to share. How do you do it with a significant other? How to you properly manage the limited space without getting into … [Read more...]

Go green by spring cleaning your bedroom


Did you know that the average person spends a third of their day inside the bedroom? With so much time spent in this part of the home, it's inevitable that clutter and mess will build up. Instead of using harmful chemicals and toxic cleaning solutions to sanitize the space, why not keep allergies at bay the eco-friendly way? Get your green spring … [Read more...]

Spike the ball at Stratford Mill’s Beach Volleyball Court


At Stratford Mill, we set ourselves apart from other communities by offering apartments with a beach volleyball court. This year, take advantage of our beach volleyball courts, as it offers the perfect opportunity to work up a sweat under the Florida sun. To sharpen your skills at the volleyball court, utilize these tips from Active to bring your … [Read more...]

How to keep your carpets as plush as possible


Many luxury features are standard at our community, such as the plush carpets. Soft to the touch, these carpets are made with high-quality fibers and give the home a sophisticated touch. Should you live with children, pets or an active roommate, spills and smudges may happen all too often, resulting in the carpet looking discolored. Fear not, though, … [Read more...]