Easy Ways to Set a Beautiful Table for the Holidays


Throwing a holiday party is made easy when you live at Stratford Mill. These North Florida apartments have great features and space where your guests will feel right at home. Setting up for a festive spirit is fun and easy with a few good ideas in mind. You can make a beautiful table that everyone will love. A simple way to bring some sparkle and … [Read more...]

Tips on Cleaning Marble in Your Home


When you move into our apartments with marble sills at Stratford Mill, you will be surprised to see that a number of additional features are snuggled inside each home. But out of all those goodies and amenities, our natural stone surfaces are most appealing because they are aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. What's more, when you're cleaning … [Read more...]

Popular Places for a Winter Jog in St. Augustine


Dressing in layers, filling a water bottle and heading outdoors for a winter jog could prove beneficial in a number of ways. Running in the cold is good for the health, because outdoor sessions will blast fat, prevent winter weight gain and strengthen the metabolism. And with so many advantages to winter jogging, it would be a shame not to discover the … [Read more...]

If You’re Looking for Something to Do on Wednesday, Check Out Market at the Pier

Stratford Mill Wednesday Market

Wednesday is the perfect day of the week to stock up on fresh produce and tasty baked goods thanks to the market at Saint Johns County Pier Park. The Wednesday market offers you an opportunity to get some exercise and fresh air, blow of some steam from the stresses of the week, and even to score handmade items to decorate your apartment with. The … [Read more...]

Wanting More Supernatural Thrill After Halloween? Partake in the Dark of the Moon Tour

Source: St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum

If you didn't get enough spine-tingling excitement for Halloween this year, you can enjoy some more spook thrills in the coming weeks by going on the Dark of the Moon Tour at the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum. This a great activity for residents of our Stratford Mill apartments who enjoy a good scare. The Dark of the Moon Tour is held every … [Read more...]