Wanting More Supernatural Thrill After Halloween? Partake in the Dark of the Moon Tour

Source: St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum

If you didn't get enough spine-tingling excitement for Halloween this year, you can enjoy some more spook thrills in the coming weeks by going on the Dark of the Moon Tour at the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum. This a great activity for residents of our Stratford Mill apartments who enjoy a good scare. The Dark of the Moon Tour is held every … [Read more...]

Support the Boys & Girls Club of St. Augustine by Doing the Reindeer Run

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The Boys & Girls Club and Ancient City Road Runners are hosting their annual run early December and you are invited to participate. The Reindeer Run will take place on December 6 and all runners are welcome to participate in its 15th anniversary. December 6 is the date when runners will gather at the starting line near Ripley’s on Castello Drive … [Read more...]

If You’re Looking for Something to Do on Wednesday, Check Out Market at the Pier

Source: We Love St. Augustine via Facebook

Having a little fun in the middle of the week can help the work week go by more quickly. If you're looking for something fun to do on Wednesday, there's no better choice than the Market at the Pier in St. Augustine. Stop in for a few minutes or an hour, and you'll leave feeling relaxed. Each Wednesday between now and December 31st, the market will be … [Read more...]

Have Company Overnight? Here’s How to Prepare for them

Have Company Overnight

Do you enjoy being the host or hostess? Perhaps a special occasion is fast approaching and you want to hold it at our St Augustine apartments? Whatever the circumstances surrounding the arrival of guests, we recommend you prepare properly. From finding out about dietary requirements to sorting out the entertainment, there are a few pre-party preparations you … [Read more...]

Bring the Family to Enjoy Luminary Night

Bring the Family to Enjoy Luminary Night

Have you ever visited St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum? If so, you will know that this attraction offers the most astounding view in Northeast Florida. Based a short distance from our apartments in the Old City on 100 Red Cox Road, the structure demonstrates local and national preservation efforts, while safeguarding memories and presenting people of … [Read more...]